Give A Little

We’ve all heard the scripture that says “God loves a cheerful giver” from 2 Corinthians 9:7, and personally, I think it’s used in the wrong way. It’s not used in the context of doing so in a way that you feel you should in your heart.  Don’t get me wrong, giving to your church is … More Give A Little

Doors Opened

I was walking into Wal-Mart one day (sadly) to go buy some sinus medication, and as I got close to the automatic door, I witnessed a man walk straight into the metal and glass in front of him. The door didn’t open automatically. He was expecting it to open, and BAM he hit that door head … More Doors Opened

Just Bloom

Because I’m a photographer, I spend a lot of time taking photos of people who aren’t always the most comfortable with themselves. More often than I like, I hear things like, “my hair doesn’t look good,” or “can you make me 10 lbs thinner?”  On Saturday, I took photos of a high school senior. During … More Just Bloom

Flesh Wounds

My brother and I are 4 years apart, but even with the age difference, we spent a lot of time playing together. We played everything from G.I. Joe to pretend church.  We were a little rough sometimes as all kids can be, so we got our fair share of bumps and scrapes. None of which … More Flesh Wounds

Puff of Powder

I am not a skier. I’m going to just throw that out there. I spent time skiing with my youth group when I was younger, and needless to say, I realized just how uncoordinated I actually was when I’d slip on those long, skinny death traps. I’m pretty sure I spent more time sitting or … More Puff of Powder

Oh the Irony

Amazon Prime has saved me lots of trips to Wal-mart! Free 2 day shipping means I buy all sorts of things from shampoo to dog treats! It’s especially great at times like this when I just had a birthday this week.  Of course, since I’m now 31 (insert deep sigh), I get money for gifts … More Oh the Irony