Pitter Patter

As I lay in bed, I’m listening to the sound of a calm, spring storm bustling outside. The pitter patter of the rain on my window, and the soft distant thunder, is a sound that calms my soul. It’s reminded me of a statement that was made on a retreat I planned last summer.  “Only … More Pitter Patter

Best Whatever

Today was our annual Senior Sunday at church. I’ve been blessed to be in charge of it the last 3 years, but this one was extra special for me. The kids who graduated this weekend are ones I’ve watched grow up. They are a group I’ve seen grow together and become strong, independent, beautiful young … More Best Whatever

We All Have One

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and after I spent the day honoring mine, I was lying in bed thinking through the memories I have of growing up.  It got me thinking about what Mother’s Day is actually about. You see, Mother’s Day isn’t necessarily about being a mom and being honored, but rather thanking God for … More We All Have One

Do It Anyway

I just finished watching a 15 year old sing the song, “Anyway” by Martina McBride. And really, we’ve all heard this song a million times, but I don’t think I’ve realized how powerful the lyrics actually were until I saw a young teenager singing them tonight.  So please take a moment to listen to the … More Do It Anyway

Use It Right

Each of us have been blessed with talents. For some people that is to be an encourager. For others it’s things like singing or performing. For me, its creativity and technology.  I think it’s rare that we remember to use the talents we have for God’s glory though. We may think we are, but when … More Use It Right

Dear Future Me

I heard it is super therapeutic to write a future letter to yourself, especially when you can’t predict what the future holds for you, so here is mine! I hope you’ll consider writing one of your own.  Dear Future Me, I hope you love who you are and the life you are living, because this … More Dear Future Me