The Highs and the Lows

I’m on my way home from a quick trip to the mountains, and as I’m going through a few of the photos I took, I’m reminded of the beauty of God’s creation. 

The place my family camps is in Northern New Mexico, and it’s one of my favorite places on earth. The smells, the views, the sounds all soothe my soul. 

This trip was a little different though. You see, my dog, Zoe, spent the last 3 days with a bloody nose. It bled off and on since before we left town. We thought we had gotten it to stop while we were at home, but 2 hours into our trip, realized that wasn’t the case.

Needless to say, we had quite the mess on our hands (and everywhere else for that matter). She’s a dog and can’t understand why her nose is bleeding, nor does she understand that snorting and sneezing only makes it worse. So, we’ve spent the better part of 3 days with paper towels and ice packs trying to get the bleeding to stop, until we finally gave up and headed home to get her to the vet.

The irony of the situation was interesting to me. We were in the most beautiful place, surrounded by God’s creation at its finest, but our focus was on the low in our life at the moment, my dog’s bleeding nose. So instead of enjoying the beauty around us, we were focused on something else. 

I think that’s a lessen in itself. God is there to show Himself to us regardless of the situation we are in. I could’ve seen God in the tall mountains this week, but I could’ve also seen Him in the compassion we felt for our dog, because like the mountains, God created her too!

God is there for us in our highs and our lows. There are times in life that we are on top of the world, kind of like being at 8,000 ft. on a mountain. Then we face times when we are in the lowest valleys with terrible circumstances. I think it’s important to realize that regardless of our highs or lows, God is constant. He is greater than all of them. 

I often forget that. I’m sure you do too. So as you reach the middle of your week, my prayer is that you’ll remember that God is constant and greater than any high or low you’ll ever encounter. 

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