Decisions, Decisions

I absolutely hate when you’ve got an impossible decision to make, and you aren’t sure which option is the best for you, or even others involved. Sometimes these decisions can be gut-wrenching. I’ve even feared that no outcome will be a good one in the decisions I’ve been faced with in my life. I think … More Decisions, Decisions

Leave It

Have you ever been in a situation where God shut a door in your life, but you just couldn’t understand why? These things happen to me all the time.  I’ll have a door shut in my life and then I wonder why, over analyze, then decide maybe it wasn’t God shutting it, so I keep … More Leave It

Hero vs. Villain

Picture this…  Here you are, living a normal life, and a dangerous, evil villain sneaks in and grabs you, entangling you in a world of terror and turning you into a villain yourself… But, wait! Just as you see a glimpse of what this villainous life has in store for you, a daring hero swoops … More Hero vs. Villain


This blog post is a little too close to home right now, which is exactly why I think I need to write it.  My schedule recently has been beyond hectic. I’ve shot 3 weddings, plus planning VBS, a camping trip, and my niece being in town a couple times, all within the last month. Needless … More Distractions

Pencil or Pen

I always write in pen, but sometimes I wish I hadn’t. I make so many mistakes, then I can’t erase what I wrote. So of course, I end up with a stupid scribbled mess! It seems to never fail when I attempt to write a thank you note or birthday card to someone, I always … More Pencil or Pen

Sheep Herding Guys

I feel the need to make a quick warning to the following blog post. I’m going to speak very candidly about my personal understanding of something in the church, and what I see happening. I apologize if I upset anyone with this post, but I feel like God is leading me to share this. John … More Sheep Herding Guys