But If Not

I applied for a job a few months ago as a graphic designer for a media company in another town. It’s the first time I had applied and interviewed for a job since I was probably 18-19 years old.

Because I’ve run my own business for so long, I wasn’t sure how I could handle working for someone else, but I felt led to apply anyway. I filled out the application, spent a couple hours on my resume, and did what I could to stand out. I received a FaceTime interview, which went well, and I felt good about my chances.

2-3 weeks later (after being informed they’d be traveling and behind on making decisions) I received an email informing me that I hadn’t been chosen and that they were going in another direction. Which as we all know means they found someone more qualified that they chose instead of me.

I was pretty disappointed. The whole process had made me feel as though I was qualified and that they were interested. What I found out was that regardless of how badly I wanted the position, regardless of the preparation I took to get ready for the interview, and regardless the time I spent in prayer asking for God to open that door for me, that wasn’t the plan He had for my life.

Through that situation, I learned to say, “but if not, He is still good.”

Regardless of what life throws at me, or what obstacles I seem to face, I will still remain faithful.

You see, God can see far more than we could ever imagine, and when we think we know what the big picture looks like, He often times shows us we don’t.

God is good all the time. Things in this world are not. Consider Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego for a moment. These were 3 men who trusted God to save them, but if not…they were going to remain faithful. Thankfully, our God is far stronger than any king or any flame, and He saved those men from the fiery furnace they were thrown into.

God doesn’t promise us that He will save us from the flames, but He does promise that He will walk beside us through them. We must allow Him to forge courage in our hearts that He will always be there for us, no matter the circumstance. He may see a situation for what it could become, and those are things we can’t see. We have to trust His big picture. Not our own.

And when the day comes that we have to ask Him for something or trust His hand to guide and save us from our own fiery furnace, we can confidently understand that He is a God who is able to bless and save us. Just remember… when you get that door slammed in your face or you’re struggling with a decision or situation, always serve Him, because if not, He is still good.

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