Good in the World

Have you ever just sat there contemplating what this world is coming to? Sadly, I do it often anymore. It’s a question that I’m not sure any of us can answer, and even in my short 31 years of life, the evil around us has grown.

Kids can’t play outside alone anymore. We have to be extra cautious with our personal information so it isn’t stolen. Racial wars are waged daily. Politics cause violence and hatred. It’s everywhere we turn now. And I was reminded of this grave reality this week when a gunman rained bullets down onto concert goers in Las Vegas. These innocent people were just in Vegas, enjoying music and friends, when their reality quickly became a nightmare. The videos I’ve seen and the horrendous tales of what victims experienced blows my mind.

This horrific shooting this week has brought back fear that I felt previously when my town went through a shooting of our own.

Things like this make you scared to enjoy life away from your home. People are so unpredictable and evil is in so many now. Satan has become present all over this world, but it’s times like this that we need to be reminded that God is always in control, even if it’s hard to see that at the time.

I’ve watched the news and seen the articles bombarding Facebook about the shooting, and in the midst of the nightmare, heroes emerged. God prevailed. I say that because it would’ve been so easy to focus on escaping, but many stayed and helped injured. They used their bodies to shield others. They tore apart fences and turned them into stretchers. They did whatever was necessary to help the people around them.

One in particular has been in the news quite a bit, and I’m sure if you’ve followed any of the media about this, you’ve seen him. He “borrowed” one of the venue’s work trucks, and drove loads of people to the closest hospital. He is the reason many of them are still alive.

This blog isn’t meant to honor him, but to remind you that through the evil, God always finds a way to show Himself. God uses people like this marine veteran to take care of His people. There is still good in the world, because God is still in people of this world.

We may never understand why people do evil things, or why this world is so devastatingly difficult to live in sometimes. But Jesus said, “take heart, I have overcome the world.”

So as we honor the victims of tragedies like the one in Las Vegas this week, and we find ourselves fearing the world around us, we must remember that God is always in control of our lives. He will protect us. He will guide us. He will bring us home to Him one day.

Don’t let the evil win. Find the good in your heart and show it to others. God is good all the time, and it’s time we show that to everyone around us. Rather than fearing the evil around you, spread the love within you. Be the good in the world.

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