Hero vs. Villain

Picture this…  Here you are, living a normal life, and a dangerous, evil villain sneaks in and grabs you, entangling you in a world of terror and turning you into a villain yourself… But, wait! Just as you see a glimpse of what this villainous life has in store for you, a daring hero swoops … More Hero vs. Villain


This blog post is a little too close to home right now, which is exactly why I think I need to write it.  My schedule recently has been beyond hectic. I’ve shot 3 weddings, plus planning VBS, a camping trip, and my niece being in town a couple times, all within the last month. Needless … More Distractions

Pencil or Pen

I always write in pen, but sometimes I wish I hadn’t. I make so many mistakes, then I can’t erase what I wrote. So of course, I end up with a stupid scribbled mess! It seems to never fail when I attempt to write a thank you note or birthday card to someone, I always … More Pencil or Pen

Sheep Herding Guys

I feel the need to make a quick warning to the following blog post. I’m going to speak very candidly about my personal understanding of something in the church, and what I see happening. I apologize if I upset anyone with this post, but I feel like God is leading me to share this. John … More Sheep Herding Guys

Pitter Patter

As I lay in bed, I’m listening to the sound of a calm, spring storm bustling outside. The pitter patter of the rain on my window, and the soft distant thunder, is a sound that calms my soul. It’s reminded me of a statement that was made on a retreat I planned last summer.  “Only … More Pitter Patter

Best Whatever

Today was our annual Senior Sunday at church. I’ve been blessed to be in charge of it the last 3 years, but this one was extra special for me. The kids who graduated this weekend are ones I’ve watched grow up. They are a group I’ve seen grow together and become strong, independent, beautiful young … More Best Whatever

We All Have One

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and after I spent the day honoring mine, I was lying in bed thinking through the memories I have of growing up.  It got me thinking about what Mother’s Day is actually about. You see, Mother’s Day isn’t necessarily about being a mom and being honored, but rather thanking God for … More We All Have One