Not Looking Good

Growing up I had quite a few fish. You know, the typical goldfish in the round bowl with colorful rocks and one little plant? I went through fish after fish. We had more than our fair share of toilet bowl funerals over the years. After a heartfelt eulogy about bubbles the goldfish’s 6 month life, … More Not Looking Good

Good in the World

Have you ever just sat there contemplating what this world is coming to? Sadly, I do it often anymore. It’s a question that I’m not sure any of us can answer, and even in my short 31 years of life, the evil around us has grown. Kids can’t play outside alone anymore. We have to … More Good in the World

But If Not

I applied for a job a few months ago as a graphic designer for a media company in another town. It’s the first time I had applied and interviewed for a job since I was probably 18-19 years old. Because I’ve run my own business for so long, I wasn’t sure how I could handle … More But If Not

Transparent Walls

This is a picture of an artistic building in Belgium. The architect took transparency in the church literally when he built this steel, see-through structure. Years ago, it was frowned upon to share certain realities in spiritual communities. It was expected to be kept closed-mouthed when a minister struggled with doubt, the church staff didn’t … More Transparent Walls


One week ago today, around 4 pm, a 16 year old newly baptized Christian walked into the public library in my hometown and opened fire on innocent people. As he sprayed bullets into the ceiling and floor, he yelled for people to get down. He shot and killed 2 women, both library employees, injured another … More #ClovisStrong

Make It Enough

So, here I was in the pickup with my parents on a laid back Friday evening. We had gone together to a local drive-in for dinner. As we finished our meal and my dad began driving again, we were discussing Amazon. If you know me, you know I’m a fan of Amazon. I order everything … More Make It Enough