New Year, New Me

2017 has been a year full of ups and downs. I experienced great loss in my life this year, but I also experienced amazing highs and blessings. Through it all, God guided and protected me. I was able to stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon and look down at the immense wonder below … More New Year, New Me

What’s the Word

I’ve had this photo in my camera roll on my phone for quite some time, but never took the time to write a post about it. I’d like to say it’s because I just didn’t have time, but in reality, it’s because it hits a little closer to home than I’d like to admit. In … More What’s the Word

Do You See Us?

I was lying in bed the other night as I browsed Facebook on my phone. As my eyes wandered over the posts my friends had written, I was startled by a sight I wasn’t expecting. No, it wasn’t a post that startled me. It was the silhouette of a large, black and white spider crawling … More Do You See Us?

Not Looking Good

Growing up I had quite a few fish. You know, the typical goldfish in the round bowl with colorful rocks and one little plant? I went through fish after fish. We had more than our fair share of toilet bowl funerals over the years. After a heartfelt eulogy about bubbles the goldfish’s 6 month life, … More Not Looking Good

Good in the World

Have you ever just sat there contemplating what this world is coming to? Sadly, I do it often anymore. It’s a question that I’m not sure any of us can answer, and even in my short 31 years of life, the evil around us has grown. Kids can’t play outside alone anymore. We have to … More Good in the World

But If Not

I applied for a job a few months ago as a graphic designer for a media company in another town. It’s the first time I had applied and interviewed for a job since I was probably 18-19 years old. Because I’ve run my own business for so long, I wasn’t sure how I could handle … More But If Not